Our story


Our story

Since 2006

We have been bringing the best in food to New Jersey!

When we got started, we knew we wanted to take a different approach to diner food. While we focus on having a wide menu, delicious offerings, and new additions on a regular basis, we also knew that the atmosphere was vital to your enjoyment of your meal!

 We’ve focused on providing the best customer service, a warm and friendly dining atmosphere, and have even expanded to bring you our delicious menu offerings on our catering menu! We cook our meals from scratch, just like we do at home, leaving out those artificial preservatives and “fast food” shortcuts that so many restaurants rely on. The only difference between a meal in your kitchen and ours is that we chop, cut, sear, bake, and wash the dishes for you!

Our approach

Fresh, fine ingredients

While everyone else seems to be moving toward the “fast food” lifestyle, we like to slow things down at Belvidere, cooking our food from scratch, just like you would at home. We keep additives, preservatives, and other “junk” out of our food, allowing the delicate and delicious flavors of real, high-quality ingredients to shine! While our offerings vary from healthy to indulgent, you can trust that each one starts and finishes with something real.