Between cold days, busy work schedules, and staying up at night binge-watching your favorite streaming series, you may be craving an energy boost most days. If you’re not a big caffeine fan, or if you’ve read the research that caffeine may not be all it’s brewed up to be, you may wonder how else you can get protein to get through your day. The answer starts in your kitchen—or, in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant and diner in New Jersey! That’s right, what you eat can give you the energy you need. This month, the staff at Belvidere Diner share some of our favorite menu items with you, letting you know some great ways to pack in the protein.

Why Eat Protein?
Protein is great for your body! It is an important component of bone and muscle, allowing your body to grow or rebuild strong and healthy. For those seeking to lose weight, protein can help you to feel full longer, and usually comes with healthy “extras” like vitamins and minerals—something that “empty” calories—usually carbs—pack on heavily. Protein is an important part of a healthy diet no matter how you eat!

Protein for Breakfast
Many people struggle to get enough protein at breakfast. But when you eat donuts, toast, crackers, or sugary snacks for breakfast, you’re ready to drop by dinner time. The solution? Visit the Belvidere in NJ for a great start, including protein-packed eggs as well as ham, sausage, or bacon.

Protein-Packed Lunch and Dinners
From burgers to sandwiches to prime cuts of beef and fish, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a meal on our menu that doesn’t pack some protein! However, our favorite this week is the Steak Giambotta, our NY strip steak topped with sautéed sausage, mushrooms, roasted peppers, and potatoes. Looking for something lighter? Try our broiled seafood combo for a treat.

Veggie Protein
Don’t worry veggie lovers, we didn’t forget you! Even if you turn away from eggs and cheese, the go-to vegetarian sources of protein, remember that oatmeal is packed with protein, as well as beans and some veggies like broccoli!

Is your mouth watering for a protein-packed meal or snack right now? Don’t hesitate! Visit the Belvidere today for a filling meal!